" The Doctor of the Future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease." - Thomas Edison

Acupuncture combined with nutrition is a great healing force

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
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See what our patients have to say!

“What an amazing difference it has made me feel. I was in pain for months and just one visit and I feel so much better. I am now on my 3rd treatment, it gets better every time!”

~ Acupuncture Patient


“Acupuncture saved my life. I was very sick for a long time. I went to so many doctors and nobody helped me. The only thing that helped was the acupuncture. And Dr. Yu is the best.”

~ Acupuncture Patient


“Acupuncture makes me feel calmer and whole (physically and spiritually).”

~ Acupuncture Patient


“Acupuncture helped my back pain and the pain in my arm.”

~ Sandoval, Home Management


“I first came to see Dr. Yu over 20 years ago for a bad back. After several sessions of acupuncture the back felt fine. Through the years she years she has helped with aches, pains, emotional unrest, menopause and others. Highly recommend her for her skill in acupuncture and for her warm and caring manner.”

~ Gloria A, retired nurse


“I have been coming to Dr. Yu for a few years now. It has helped me with better sleep, more energy in general and I feel more relaxed.”

~ Acupuncture Patient


“Dr. Wei Na Yu treats my pain away... Healing body mindful of wellness. We need you Dr. Thank You, Love you!"

~ Gina, homemaker


“I appreciate everything you do for me, I’m very glad I found. You’re the best!”

~ Angelo



ii“This is helping so much. I can’t believe it! Neck and shoulder problems for years and four sessions its feeling better. Doctors wanted me to operate but this way is much better, safer and healthier.”

~ Thomas Messin


“I have arthritis in my left knee. I went to physical therapy for ten months. My therapist used hot and cold therapy, electric, exercise and massage. I was still in pain after therapy. I came here for acupuncture and I haven’t had pain in three years.”

~ Jane


"Acupuncture is a great healing force and Dr. Yu is a master."

~ Bill M.


Acupuncture helped my arthritis in my knee, since coming here I have no pain and I could walk better.

~ Rosemary


"I had Achilles problem for years, one visit cured, it was a miracle. I will continue to use acupuncture regularly to keep myself balanced and healthy forever. "

~ Mark Delio, Master Certified Sports Trainer and Master Certified Nutritionist


"I started coming to acupuncture over a year ago and I have been maintaining my body every since. My initial visits were to treat my back- L4 and L5 herniations after an emergency surgery due to part of the herniation breaking off into my spinal cord and pressing on my nerve roots causing me to become numb from the waist down. Within the first months of visits I was able to walk again without a cane. Dr. Yu helped my back and she continues to advise me in the proper eating and exercise needed to strengthen my body. I love acupuncture and will continue to come for a long time. "

~ Melissa


Dr. Yu treats my pain away. Healing body mindful of wellness, we need you Dr. Yu. Love, Gina I thank her for her support and appreciate everything you do for me. I’m very glad I found you. You are the best.

~ Acupuncture Patient


My experiences with Dr. Yu have been consistently favorable, allowing my body and mind to help themselves to eventual optimal health. From acupuncture to nutrition- you can’t go wrong. I highly recommend the care I receive.

~ Ira


I have had great success with my acupuncture. For one, I feel amazing physically and mentally. I also incorporated nutrition which has helped me with my digestion problem which I’ve had for years. Dr. Yu is truly amazing. I think everyone should do nutrition, acupuncture and body talk.

~ Rene


My treatment with Dr. Yu for tingling, pains and anxiety felt much better after every visit. I never walk-out feeling the same as when I came. 100% better. Thank You Dr. Yu.

~ Janet


After acupuncture I feel wonderful and energized again to face the week ahead.

~ Carrie


I suffered from ear pain, I was unable to hear because of inflamation of the nerve. Doctors did not know what to do for me. I came to Dr Yu, with regular visits I have found that with the treatment and nutrition supplements I have gotten better, more strength, less pain, more forcus and a little more happier.

~Juan C.


I’m 21 and have been living with depression and anxiety since I was 8. I’ve tried countless medications in the past, but none of them made me truly FEEL better. Just one week into this nutrition program and I’m already noticing a significant change in my energy levels. With the help of Dr. Yu, I know things are only going to get even better!

~ Richard B.


My husband has been limping for over a year. He went to a podiatrist, who immediately scheduled him for surgery on his foot. Then he remembered he had gone to Dr. Yu several years earlier for a painful shoulder and it worked. So he scheduled an appointment and after the first treatment, he no longer limped. Thank you, Dr. Yu!

~ Rosanne Bianco


When I came to for acupuncture and I spoke with Dr. Yu. My ADD and my body feels so much better. I need to come back often and listen to what Dr. Yu tells me.

~ Nick Imperato


Healing Body mindful of wellness... We need you Dr.

Thank you.

Love you,

~ Gina


Hello Doc,

Thank you for your support. I appreciate everything you do for me, and I’m very glad I found you. You’re the best!

~ Angelo


When I first came to visit Dr. Yu, I had severe anxiety and was desperate for something that would help me. Through a family member’s recommendation, I came to her in desperate need. Dr. Yu listed to my concerns and was extremely knowledgeable about the functions of the human body. Not only has my anxiety decreased, and I feel more and more relaxed each time I come for treatment, the chronic hives and sinus issues I have decreased drastically. Dr. Yu gave me hope in so many aspects of my life!

~ Anna M.


I have been a patient of Dr. Yu’s for over twenty years. She has helped me many times with acupuncture. I have had eye problems, knee problems and surgeries, as well as many other health issues. The nutrition program has given me another tool to improve my health. I am feeling much better after being on the nutrition program this past year. I encourage anyone with health problems to try these treatments. I feel over these past years, acupuncture and nutrition has helped me more than just taking a pill!!! In life we do not know what is in store for us. We can only try and try until we find a health program that helps us get through the bad times. Dr. Yu has helped me through many health issues over these past years. Give her a chance to help you as she has helped me.

~ Barry S.


Dr. Yu is the kindest most knowledgeable physician, acupuncturist, nutritionist that any patient could hope to be treated by. She’s all-over compassionate caretaker. I am privileged to be a patient and her friend.

~ Acupuncture Patient


More flexibility, sleeping much better, average 6 hours. Feel more mobility.

~ Acupuncture Patient


I have more energy when I wake up , less feeling of depression. My daughter has more energy and she stopped having acid reflux which was taking over her life, very painful. She forgot to take her pills a few times and felt the effects. She does not forget to take them anymore because she feels so much better. She’s a believer now and so am I. Thank you.

~ Acupuncture Patient


I first experienced Dr. Yu when my wife came to her for debilitating illness. I soon followed due to foot problems that never returned. Since then I see Dr. Yu regularly to address the multitudes of pains and aches that Come with age. I find her treatments restorative, extremely helpful and powerful. I often refer people to Dr. Yu because acupuncture has improved my life and changed it for the better.

~ Gary Moore


Acupuncture has helped eliminate ringing and buzzing in my ears, tingling in feet and hands and reduce shoulder pain. This combined with nutrition visits has helped me make strides with bowel issue and overall health. Dr. Yu has helped me where many medical doctors cannot. Thanks Doc.

~ Jamie C.


I have been body building for the last 25 years and two and a half months ago, I went to the gym to train my shoulders.  I struggled to move my warm up weights for three reps.  I left the gym immediately and was sticken with fear.  I went to the

neurologist and got an MRI which revealed potential nerve root compression in the cervical region.

I called Dr. Yu and made my first appointment.  I showed her by example that my

shoulder and bicep was clinically weak.  By the end of my first treatment I was

able to move weight I couldn't prior.  After my second session my range of motion

began to return.  After my fourth visit my arm is starting to slowly come back.

Chris. M.


My jaw pain is lesser after this session.



I suffred from severe depression, anxiety and insomia and acupuncture relieved

my suffering and boost my mental and physical energy to levels of my youth.

Thank you so much,



   I am under Dr. Yu's care to reclaim my life by tackling health issues, Excessive

weight gain, indigestion, aches and pains in lower back, legs and feet, water

retention, high cholesterol and anixety.

After several sessions of acupuncture with the Nutrional supplements (program)

I can actually see and feel results in a short period of time.

I'd like to continue Dr. Yu's programs long enough to reach my goals, which I am

in the process of doing successfully.

I'm glad that Dr. Yu is ccorrecting all the underlying causes of my health problems, and not just masking them.

All the Best,







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